We specialise in wild caught Australian Ocean King Prawns (Melicertus Plebejus) which have an international reputation for being the highest quality prawns/shrimp available.

Product is graded, packaged into 5kg cartons, snap frozen at sea and stored at below -30°C. Our prawns are head-on, shell-on and graded into 5 weight categories:

(prawns per lb)
Weight range
Under 6 76g and over
6/8 56g to 75g
8/10 45g to 55g
10/15 30g to 44g
16/20 23g to 29

Grading availability varies depending on the stage of the season. The three largest grades (U6 to 8/10) account for about 70% of our yearly landings.

Although our peak season is usually from March to August, we supply quality prawn all year round.

Premium Quality Prawns

We aim to provide our buyers with the highest possible quality product. Quality assurance standards are maintained through an Approved Arrangement (AA) required by federal authorities to retain an export licence. This involves regular testing under a variety of categories to ensure quality and safety.

Our accountability assurance allows that every 5kg carton can be traced back to it’s vessel, crew member and date. Our prawns are free of all antibiotics. The only additive used is the approved preservative Sodium Metabisulphite (223) into which the prawns are dipped to benefit buyers with a longer shelf life once thawed.


Delivery of our product

We can provide a quote for our products by the pallet landed to virtually any destination in the world.

International Delivery

Air Freight ensures the product reaches its destination within a week of being dispatched from our cold storage facility. The maximum quantity per load via air freight is 1250kg.

Refrigerated Shipping Containers deliver up to 24000kg of frozen prawn economically to its destination port in approximately 2 to 4 weeks.

Domestic Transport

Refrigerated road freight carriers, designed to keep frozen products at below -18°C can transport to most major cities in Australia quickly and economically.

As a guide –

Brisbane Overnight
Sydney 2 Days
Melbourne 3 Days
Adelaide 4 Days
Perth 7 Days